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AI Automation and Mixed Media Modeling in Campaign Building

The summit begins to explore the use of AI integration and open source building for campaign building. The conversation has also shifted to Mixed Media Modeling (MMM) and the implications of Apple's attribution model. Learn more about the Performance Product Road Map and AI Automation.

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Nick Shackelford 🦾

Doing Commerce On The Internet Brand - Agency - Agency - Tool - Event -

The Dangers of Seed Oils: The LA Veterans Study

This blog discusses the 8-year double blind randomized controlled trial of the LA Veterans Study, which found that while seed oils did reduce heart disease mortality, cancer deaths in the seed oil group skyrocketed. Learn more about the potential dangers of seed oils here.

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Carnivore Aurelius ©🥩 ☀️🦙

Health & vitality. Steak. Organs. Fruit. Insta: carnivoreaurelius I create beef liver crisps so good that even a vegan would love it. Not medical advice.

Understanding Nutrient Deficiencies and How to Resolve Them

This thread goes over extremely common nutrient deficiencies, what they do, and how to resolve them. Iron deficiency is one of the most common, with over 25% of the population being deficient. It is essential for oxygen delivery in the body. Learn more about how to resolve nutrient deficiencies.

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Cooking with Chris

Nutrition | Cooking | Lifestyle. I’ll help you be the healthiest version of yourself while eating food you love. Join my community:

The Dangers of Following a Calorie-Based Fitness Plan

Very few people know the dangers of following a calorie-based fitness plan. When you consume less food, your metabolism often slows down, particularly if it leads to worse performance in the gym. Calorie counters also falsely believe the only way to burn more calories is to exercise more.

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Alex Feinberg, Calorie Ignorer

I teach a revolutionary method to losing fat in your sleep No calorie counting, no hunger & only 🔥 food Private Coaching 👉 Ex Pro ⚾ Ex Google

Exploring Gnjecopašta Anon: An Ancient Croatian Mariner's Dish

Originating in the coastal regions of Croatia, gnjecopašta was a staple among mariners who needed affordable, easy-to-store, and nutritious meals. Learn more about this dish and its ingredients, such as anchovies, capers, and olive oil.

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Martin Erlic

@SeloOlive, producing premium olive oil in Croatia 🇭🇷. Check out our newsletter and cookbook 👉 | #GG33Gold #Grinberg2024

Exploring Carbon Cycles and Why Cattle DO NOT Contribute to Global Warming

In honor of National Ag Day, let's break down carbon cycles and talk about why properly managed cattle DO NOT contribute to global warming like industrial fossil fuels. The current narrative on why we need to reduce animal agriculture is that carbon in the atmosphere is bad, but there is more to it than that.

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Anthony Gustin

Sports rehab and functional med clinician. Food and fitness skeptic. Founder @rootedlocaltx and more. Investor. Farmer. Not a guru. Newsletter (192k subs)👇

Uncovering the Secrets of Digitizing 8 Million Plant & Fungi Specimens

Discover what goes into getting 8 million plant and fungi specimens online with British Science Week 2023. From repairing ancient specimens to dealing with pests, learn how the dream team of Senior Curator Botanists ensure the project runs smoothly.

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Kew Science

🌍🌿🍄 Understanding and protecting plants and fungi for the well-being of people and the future of all life on Earth #OurFutureIsBotanic