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Understanding the Longevity Biotechnology Industry

This article looks at the goals and pathways of the longevity biotechnology industry and how to identify a longevity biotech company. It discusses the importance of mission statements and how they can help guide discovery and development efforts.

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David Sinclair

-Scientist, Professor @ Harvard Medical School -Author, Host: Lifespan book & podcast -Mission: extend lifespan for all -Learn more:

Recognizing Non-Binary and Gender Nonconforming People in Early America

This PrideMonth, it is important to recognize the influence of non-binary and gender nonconforming people in early America. This blog looks at the life of the Public Universal Friend, an abolitionist minister who lived from 1752 to 1819.

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Ibram X. Kendi

Partner • #GirlDad • Scholar @BU_Tweets • Dir @AntiracismCtr • @NationalBook Award Winner • #1 NYT Bestselling Author • MacArthur Fellow • Surviving Cancer 🐍

The Impact of the Global Covid-19 Response on Children and Adolescents

The World Health Organization has released a series of reports outlining the devastating impact of the global Covid-19 response on children and adolescents. The reports explore the effects of age, gender, and class on school-aged children, as well as the effects on adolescent mental health and well-being.

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Benjamin Ryan

🔬Health & science reporter | Contributor to: @NYTimes @NBCNews @Guardian @TRF | Other bylines: @WashingtonPost @TheAtlantic | Cancer Survivor | Columbia grad

7 Ways to Make $1 Million in a Year Without a Brilliant Idea

Becoming a millionaire doesn't require a brilliant idea. Here are 7 ways to make $1 million in a year without a genius plan. These include platform and add-on acquisitions, creating a high-ticket item, and leveraging your existing skills.

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Codie Sanchez

Investing millions in boring businesses & sharing what I learn. On a mission to create 1M financially free humans | My bio, not my tombstone, I hope it changes

How to Stand Out with Loom

Loom is a great way to stand out in communication online. Whether you're applying for a job, sending cold sales emails, welcoming new team members, or answering customer support, adding a Loom to your message adds humanity and reminds people that there is another human behind the screen.

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I build internet communities and products for them. CEO: @latecheckoutplz, we're behind companies like @youneedarobot @boringmarketer @dispatchdesign etc.

How to Succeed in the Streaming Industry Without Venture Funding

The founding story of Nebula, a streaming service that was built without venture funding, is an inspiring example of success in the streaming industry. Learn how they were able to succeed where other companies have failed.

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Codie Sanchez

Investing millions in boring businesses & sharing what I learn. On a mission to create 1M financially free humans | My bio, not my tombstone, I hope it changes