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Preparing for the Possibility of Getting Fired

Firing people sucks, and the only thing worse is being fired. To prepare, build a runway by fast tracking saving 6 months of living expenses. Reduce your burn by cutting expenses from big to small. Have a plan in place to update your resume, reach out to your network, and practice interviewing.

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Dave Kline

I teach leaders how to build great teams & level up their career | Alum: Bridgewater & Moodys Analytics | Owner:

3 Traits of an A-Player Employee

Being an A-player employee makes you irreplaceable at your company. I recently sat down with marketing agency owner Carrie Rose. She managed over 140 employees. Here are the 3 traits she finds in an A-player employee: Curiosity, Communication, and Self-Awareness.

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Ali Abdaal

👨‍⚕️ Doctor turned entrepreneur + world's most followed productivity expert ✍️ I share evidence-based strategies and tools to help you build a life you love 🚀

Why You Should Consider Quitting Your Job This Year

The internet has made it easier than ever to start an internet business. Break your current earnings into weekly chunks and see if you can find enough people to pay you each week for your knowledge or services. Additionally, the pandemic has made many people significantly less healthy. Take 12 months to focus on your health and explore other options.

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Justin Welsh

The Diversified Solopreneur | Building my one-person business to $5M+ in annual profit and sharing everything I learn along the way at

Surviving the Client Service Industry

Learn how two typos almost cost one person their job and the importance of paying attention to detail in the client service industry. Find out what an alumnus of their university said about typos and how to avoid making the same mistake.

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Marketing Max

Bootstrapped & sold my 7 figure ad agency 🏆 Now building media & SaaS brands🤘🏼Sponsor my newsletter: 📈 Golf is life ⛳️

Understanding Product Life in Midsized & Large Companies

Learn why middle and upper management think their main job is to try and decipher what the CEO wants done and align their organization with it. Evaluate how much of your career and life you want to spend in alignment with another party.

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Shreyas Doshi

Led a couple of Stripe's most successful products from their early days. Led & grew several products at Twitter, Google, Yahoo. Now advising, coaching, teaching

How to Get the Right Clients as a Freelance Web Designer or Developer

As a freelance web designer or developer, it's important to focus on getting the right clients - those who are passionate about helping, value your services, and pay you accordingly. Here are some ways to get the right clients.

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Kyle Prinsloo

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