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Israeli Military Benefits: A Closer Look

The recent budget debate between the Finance Minister and the Defense Minister has highlighted the importance of military benefits for Israeli soldiers. This blog takes a closer look at the clauses in the coalition agreement, such as a 20% salary increase for regular soldiers and free tuition for each year of military service, as well as benefits for yeshiva students.

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‏Tal Schneider טל שניידר تال شنايدر

Political Correspondent @ & Former DC Correspondent.Writes about Politics, Foreign Affairs, Gender. RT ≠ endorsement

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and National Security

A recent visit to the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's office has revealed a need for a full-time National Security Minister. The Prime Minister must take responsibility for the security of the nation and set up an effective forum to deal with terrorism and enemies. Additionally, he must remove all of Gent's powers related to the Temple Mount.

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יאיר לפיד - Yair Lapid

ראש האופוזיציה | יו״ר מפלגת יש עתיד

Israel's Domestic Unrest and Response to Rockets from Lebanon

Israel's main goal in the current ceasefire was to avoid a wider conflict with Hezbollah and unite the Lebanese front with Gaza and the West Bank, which was a success. Israeli officials discussed their response to a barrage of rockets launched from Lebanon on Thursday.

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Barak Ravid

Diplomatic Correspondent at Walla News. Axios Middle East Correspondent. Author of Trump's Peace. See link in Bio to order the book👇👇👇

Israel Avoids Wider Conflict with Hezbollah

Israel focused its overnight strikes in Gaza and Lebanon on Hamas targets in an effort to avoid a wider conflict with Hezbollah. Israeli ministers concluded that Israel didn't have any interest to get dragged into a war in Lebanon that would risk turning into a regional conflict.

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Barak Ravid

Diplomatic Correspondent at Walla News. Axios Middle East Correspondent. Author of Trump's Peace. See link in Bio to order the book👇👇👇

The Greatest Strategy of All Time: Admiral Yi Sun-sin's Victory Against 300 Japanese Warships

The story of Admiral Yi Sun-sin's incredible victory against 300 Japanese warships is one of the greatest strategies of all time. In 1596, Korea was facing an enemy 30x their size, but Yi's experience and never-losing record gave them a chance. Learn more about this incredible story.

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Brian O'Connor

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Examining the Events of January 2005

This blog examines the events of January 2005, when Daniel Weiss, the head of the local council, called for IDF soldiers to disobey orders and be investigated by the police. 34 military officers wrote a 'Right Letter' in protest, and various demonstrations were conducted. Topics discussed include politics, military, and justice system.

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Ben Caspit בן כספית

Author of the best seller The Netanyahu Years, senior columnist, Walla, Maariv, Al-Monitor, Radio 103 fm, TV anchorman, Retweets do not imply endorsement.