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My Version of Success: Unlearning Society's Definition

Society has a definition of success that is often focused on materialistic items. But what if you unlearned this definition and built your own version of success? This blog explores the idea of redefining success and finding freedom of time, location, and purpose in work and life.

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Tyler Todt

Husband | #1 dad | Fitness Health Habits | Winning one day at a time | Love building others up, let’s all win! | Jeremiah 29:11

The Good Life: 7 Years of Detoxing Modern Society

The past 7 years of my life have been a detox of modern society, deconstructing all my limiting beliefs, learning what it means to live a good life, and figuring out how to be happy and healthy in the world's most toxic society.

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Carnivore Aurelius ©🥩 ☀️🦙

Health & vitality. Steak. Organs. Fruit. Insta: carnivoreaurelius I create beef liver crisps so good that even a vegan would love it. Not medical advice.

The Fascinating Experience of Political Ideology

In this blog, the author shares their experience of political ideology, from the 'hardcore' sexy fight for yards, to the 'right balance' of boundaries and downtime. They also explore the power of the right-wing, and how it has been used to sell people's souls.

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עמית סגל Amit Segal

"סיפורה של הפוליטיקה הישראלית״. פרשן פוליטי @N12news @yediotahronot אבא של עברי, ענר ואליענה החמודים, בטלגרם: ירושלים הבירה 🇮🇱

Using Math to Examine Complex Issues Impacting Society

This blog looks at a course that helps students use math in a practical way to examine a complex issue impacting society. It looks at the addition to the curriculum and the Daily Mail's carefree attitude towards facts. Learn more about the four-week course and the 1619 Project.

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Ida Bae Wells

Reporter @nytmag//Creator #1619Project//EP #1619Hulu//Co-founder @IBWellsSociety //Founder @c4jdhowardu //Knight Chair @howardu//

Employment Report: Examining Inequality in Unemployment

We can have historically low unemployment rates when we reduce inequality in unemployment. This thread dives deeper into the employment report and explores how labor market improvements for African Americans are not just about the record low unemployment rate.

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Betsey Stevenson

Former Member of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers & Chief Economist at Labor. Current academic economist at Michigan. Always an economist at home.

How to Thrive as the Black Sheep in Dysfunctional Families

Learn how to thrive as the black sheep in dysfunctional families. Understand why you are the black sheep and how to handle the toxic dynamics of the family. Get tips on how to play the peacemaker role and how to avoid projecting family issues onto yourself.

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Dr. Nicole LePera

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author “How To Do The Work”( Founder of @selfhealerscirc 👇🏼Join Waitlist 👇🏼

The Uncharitable Way People Interpret Disagreement on Ukraine

Expressing a dissenting opinion on Ukraine can be difficult, as people tend to interpret it in the most uncharitable way possible. This article examines the effect of this phenomenon and why people who disagree may not express their views in public.

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Philippe Lemoine

I'm a PhD candidate in philosophy at Cornell. I'm also a research fellow at @CSPICenterOrg. I write about stuff. "At least he's pretty smart." (@bechhof)