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5 Words That Uncover the Truth

When things break, there are 5 words that can uncover the truth. These words are usually, should, what, usually, and usually. Train your ear to hear the truth and ask why it didn't happen. This tip can help you compare what should have happened to what did happen and unlock the critical problems.

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Dave Kline

I teach leaders how to build great teams & level up their career | Alum: Bridgewater & Moodys Analytics | Owner:

DAOs: Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

DAOs, especially in Defi, are stuck between a rock and a hard place. They need to decentralize early to avoid regulation, but still need to innovate towards PMF, make good decisions, and develop a sustainable business model. How can this be done? This article looks at two core beliefs on this subject and how DAOs need help.

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strategy lead strategic advisor @LidoFinance research collab @paradigm

3 Frameworks for Fast Decision Making

Fast decision making is a major business advantage. Here are 3 frameworks I use for quickly making decisions: If the issue improves with time, you may not need to worry about it. If it gets worse, do you have control over it? We often stress about things outside of our immediate control. Action may be helpful, but stress is not. Learn more about how to make decisions quickly.

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Nathan Barry

Founder & CEO at @ConvertKit — the leading Creator Marketing Platform. Grow your audience & earn a living with ConvertKit:

5 Poker Mistakes and What I Learned From Them

This blog post looks at 5 poker mistakes and the lessons learned from them. It emphasizes the importance of considering why you make the plays you make and why your opponent does what they do. It also discusses the need to think about the reasoning behind your play in order to improve.

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Phil Galfond

Pro poker player, founder of @RunItOnce & @RunitOncePoker. Sharing insights on poker, business, & life with a non-traditional career.

The Story of a $4B Startup with Zero Funding and Zero Marketing

This is the story of a $4B startup that raised zero funding and spent zero on marketing, yet still managed to acquire 11M users organically. The founder, Nithin, impressed clients with his trading skills and got thousands of dollars to trade. Make 'No' your default and prioritize your life.

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Aleksandr Volodarsky

Insights into growing a $15M startup. CEO of (marketplace of vetted engineers)

10 Ways to Live Life Like It's Your Second Time Around

Do you want to make the most of your life? Here are 10 ways to live life like it's your second time around. Avoid telling people your goals, normalize consistency, and make 'No' your default. Consider the things you won't care about in 5 years and prioritize your life.

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Ben Meer

Personal Development 2.0. I write about systems and high-performance living ⚡ Cornell MBA • NASM Trainer

Charlie Munger's Best Quotes from Buffett's Annual Letter

Discover some of Charlie Munger's best quotes from Buffett's annual letter, such as the importance of being rational, the power of patience, and the need to see the world as it is. Learn how to use these quotes to make better decisions and live a more fulfilling life.

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Andrew Wilkinson

Co-founder of Tiny w/ @_Sparling_. We own @Dribbble, @AeroPress, and many other wonderful companies. Funding science and journalism at Tiny Foundation.