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Rewarding Creativity: How Stanford Researcher Discovered Intrinsic Motivation

In the early 1970s, a Stanford researcher split children into two groups to observe the effects of reward on creativity. The results were fascinating, as the children who expected a reward showed a decrease in their intrinsic motivation to draw. Learn more about this study and its implications.

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Sahil Bloom

Exploring my curiosity and sharing what I learn along the way. Gave up a grand slam on ESPN in 2012 and still waiting for it to land.

How to Raise an Antiracist: A Father's Guide

In his latest book, How to Raise an Antiracist, author Ibram X. Kendi offers a vulnerable and personal look at how to protect children from racist messages. He explains the importance of recognizing and countering racism in order to create a better future for all.

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Ibram X. Kendi

Partner • #GirlDad • Scholar @BU_Tweets • Dir @AntiracismCtr • @NationalBook Award Winner • #1 NYT Bestselling Author • MacArthur Fellow • Surviving Cancer 🐍

10 Powerful Prompts to Supercharge Your Learning and Business

ChatGPT is a free education platform that offers 10 powerful prompts to help you learn and grow your business. These prompts were taken from the Advanced Guide to ChatGPT and are available to everyone who signs up for the daily newsletter in the next 24 hours.

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Aadit Sheth

Insights on how I'm using AI to boost my daily productivity. Join 80k+ readers getting smarter on AI daily →

The Inspirational Story of Blackboard

Learn about the inspiring story of Blackboard, a software platform founded by college students in their dorm room that was ultimately used by 60% of U.S. colleges. Find out how Cornell students Stephen Gilfus and Daniel Cane created a course management system to enable students and instructors to access everything they needed to know about their college classes online.

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Luke Sophinos

Writing about all things Vertical Software | Founder & CEO @CourseKeyEDU (vSaaS for Trade Schools) | Thiel Fellow @ThielFellowship | Advisor @JoinAtomic |

Using Math to Examine Complex Issues Impacting Society

This blog looks at a course that helps students use math in a practical way to examine a complex issue impacting society. It looks at the addition to the curriculum and the Daily Mail's carefree attitude towards facts. Learn more about the four-week course and the 1619 Project.

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Ida Bae Wells

Reporter @nytmag//Creator #1619Project//EP #1619Hulu//Co-founder @IBWellsSociety //Founder @c4jdhowardu //Knight Chair @howardu//

Giving Younger Investigators Opportunities to Present Clinical Trials

This blog looks at the importance of giving younger investigators opportunities to present major, potentially practice-changing clinical trials. It looks at the perspective of the investigator, the challenges of the trial, and the observations made. Learn more about this topic.

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David Steensma, MD

Hematologist-oncologist. Former Edward P. Evans Chair in MDS @DanaFarber, @HarvardMed course director, @MayoClinic Consultant, @NovartisScience hematology head.

20 Top FinTwit Accounts for an MBA-Level Education on Twitter

Twitter is a great source of free education. But, finding the right accounts isn't easy. Here are 20 top FinTwit accounts that have hugely improved my financial IQ, including 10kdiver, TrungTPhan, ParikPatelCFA, JohnWRich, and alifarhat79.

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Brian Feroldi (🧠,📈)

I demystify finance | Author, Investor, Teacher | Tweets about money & investing | 55,000+ investors read my free Long Term Mindset newsletter