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Breaking the Addiction: How to Reset Your Brain in 2023

Learn how to take back control of your mind by eliminating porn and alcohol from your life. Porn and alcohol both affect the brain, making it harder to control emotions and urges while increasing anxiety. Find out how to reset your brain in 2023.

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Dan Go

High Performance Coach To Entrepreneurs | Helping 1 million transform their lives by 2027. Tweets on health optimization. Sign up for free strategy call 👇🏼

Financial Struggles in Seattle: A Thread

This blog discusses the financial struggles of living in Seattle, including the cost of living and the difficulties of publishing books. It also includes comments from an extended conversation about the realities of making a living in Seattle.

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tabletop games + app games + pie + AsAm Adoptee + She/Her = ruining games one tweet at a time. hates puns - but in a fun way. @SaltNSassGames. personal acct.

The Silent Fentanyl Pandemic: What is Ignored by the Media?

What is ignored by the media but will be studied by historians in 2023? This blog explores the 9 best examples, including the silent fentanyl pandemic, the rise of negative media, and the consequences of social media. Learn more about these topics here.

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George Mack

The 0.1% of ideas I think — or discover in rabbit holes. Get access to the best ideas I've found for free here:

The Average Human Animal: How Stupid Are We?

A reflection on the behavior of humans while traveling, this blog post looks at the crowding and fighting to get off and on planes, rushing to get to customs, and the lack of learning when it comes to luggage. It questions how stupid the average human animal is.

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Kevin Bambrough

Retired Investment Professional on the side of truth and fairness. Tweets are just my opinions and not advice or recommendations. Looking for 10x in 10yr stuff

Chainsmoking on the Porch

Flashback to the teenage years of chainsmoking on the porch of an old apartment. Marlboro Reds and Blacks. Best friend used to call Reds “cowboy killers”. Two best friends, girlfriend at the time, and my brother in foldable chairs and wooden stools.

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Mg Papi/BSO Papi/BowTied Mg 🪷

I do not offer “Medical Advice", I teach Self-Care of what, why, and how to care for yourself when medical system pharma isn’t resolving personal health issues.

My Journey of Overcoming Addiction

This blog shares the story of one person's journey of overcoming addiction to alcohol. Despite drinking more than a fifth per day, they were able to break free from the physical dependence. Learn how they did it and how to help others.

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Mg Papi/BSO Papi/BowTied Mg 🪷

I do not offer “Medical Advice", I teach Self-Care of what, why, and how to care for yourself when medical system pharma isn’t resolving personal health issues.