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19 Harsh Investing Truths I Learned the Hard Way

I started investing 19 years ago and learned some hard truths. Losing money hurts 3x more than making money feels good, humans are pre-programmed to be bad at investing, and personal finances are more important than investments. Handling volatility is easier in theory than in reality.

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Brian Feroldi (🧠,📈)

I demystify finance | Author, Investor, Teacher | Tweets about money & investing | 55,000+ investors read my free Long Term Mindset newsletter

The Unconventional Bootstrapped Journey of a Solo Founder Who Just Sold His Company for $50M+

This blog tells the story of Jean-Nicolas Mastin, a solo founder who sold his company for $50M+. It was completely bootstrapped and in a totally unconventional niche. Learn about his journey and the massive success of League of Legends.

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Codie Sanchez

Investing millions in boring businesses & sharing what I learn. On a mission to create 1M financially free humans | My bio, not my tombstone, I hope it changes

How to Read a Balance Sheet in 7 Minutes

I've spent 23+ years studying Finance with the last 8 as a CFO, and I'll teach you How to Read a Balance Sheet in the next 7 minutes. A balance sheet is a snapshot of your business at a specific point in time, and it has to pay for what it owns (assets) by either borrowing money (liabilities) or bringing on investors (equity).

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Clint Murphy

I simplify psychology, success and money by sharing advice from millionaires, expert authors and my life.

Doubling My Revenue in 5 Days: A Breakdown of My Business in May

Last month, my creator business made $141,092.22 profit. I doubled my revenue in 5 days. Here's a breakdown of how I did it, including revenue, expenses, newsletter, and audience growth. Plus, I set a goal to become more leveraged as a biz in 2023.

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Kieran Drew

Quit dentistry to become a writer, sharing what I learn as I build my creator business · Come join 22k+ reading my newsletter Digital Freedom

The Direct To Consumer Confidence Index

The Direct To Consumer Confidence Index is the only realtime macro economic indicator built specifically for DTC. It measures the underlying factor in eCommerce performance, giving a better understanding of the economic outlook for the industry.

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Taylor Holiday

Follow for insights from a 🏔mountain of eCommerce 📊data Agency CEO Brand Partner Software Founder DM's open!

The Ecosystem of Parasites

This blog post examines the Marianne fund affair and the ecosystem of parasites connected to the PS party that live off public subsidies without any social utility. It argues that if there was more transparency on subsidies, a lot of people would be exposed for scamming taxpayers.

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Philippe Lemoine

I'm a PhD candidate in philosophy at Cornell. I'm also a research fellow at @CSPICenterOrg. I write about stuff. "At least he's pretty smart." (@bechhof)