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Responsible Publishing in CM/ID: Insights from Editors

This session chaired by Ursula Hofer and Ines Steffens is co-organised with TAEscmid, ESCMID Steering Committee, and CMIJournal Board of Editors. Speakers include Leonard Leibovici, David Van Duin, Elisabeth Bik, and Marc J.M. Bonten, who will discuss responsible publishing in CM/ID.

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Elisabeth Bik

Science integrity consultant, PhD. #ImageForensics Currently without cat or blue check, but soccer-mom of godson. She/her. 🇳🇱🇺🇸

New York City's Devastating Covid Toll

Covid killed more people than any other cause in the pandemic’s first year in New York City and caused life expectancy to drop by 4.6 years on average. This blog confirms the devastating toll and emphasizes the importance of data-driven management.

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Dr. Tom Frieden

Global health leader and epidemiologist. President and CEO of @ResolveTSL. Former @CDCgov director and @nycHealthy commissioner. Focused on saving lives.

Week 11 2023 Pandemic/Mandemic Mortality Update

This Week 11 2023 Pandemic/Mandemic Mortality Update examines Excess Non-Covid Natural Cause Mortality, which is concealed inside the 'other' margin. Nine weeks into the seasonal decline, this mortality trend has yet to recover to baseline.

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Ethical Skeptic ☀

Trade Corporate & National Strategy Postgrad Systems Science & Engineering US Naval Intelligence CEO ENTX Biden White House: "Random Dude on Twitter"

Reckoning with the Covid Pandemic

The past three years of fighting Covid have been a fog of war. We must reckon with how bad the pandemic was, and how much worse it could have been. Some places had much lower rates of infections, hospitalizations and deaths, and the pandemic could have been deadlier.

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Dr. Tom Frieden

Global health leader and epidemiologist. President and CEO of @ResolveTSL. Former @CDCgov director and @nycHealthy commissioner. Focused on saving lives.

Survey Results on the 6th Intra-East Bay BART Line and Enhanced Evening Service

This blog looks at the survey results on the 6th Intra-East Bay BART line and enhanced evening service. It looks at the response of riders and the enthusiasm for the Enhanced East Bay service plan. It also looks at the Enhanced Evening Core service plan and the riders who ride BART between 4am-6am.

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We provide train service throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. For automated service updates: @SFBARTalert

Pollution Transfers to the Atmosphere Through Sea Spray Aerosol

A new research led by Scripps atmospheric chemist and recent PhD grad Matthew Pendergraft has confirmed that coastal water pollution transfers to the atmosphere in sea spray aerosol, which could potentially reach people beyond just beachgoers and swimmers. This research has implications for the environment and public health.

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Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Understanding and protecting the planet since 1903. @UCSanDiego

Dress in Blue Day: Raising Awareness for Colorectal Cancer Screening

Tomorrow is Dress in Blue Day! This day brings attention to colorectal cancer screening and raises awareness for the #45isTheNew50 campaign. Share photos and tag the American College of Gastroenterology to show your support.

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The American College of Gastroenterology has 18,000 members dedicated to advancing GI & improving patient care. @AmJGastro @ACG_CTG @ACGCRJ @ACG_EBGI